Your Customers come first

Have you ever wondered “What do my customers really want to buy?”," How do I keep up with the big retailers?", “Why users leave the store without buying anything?”,“How to convert mobile users?”

If YES, take a moment to look on HOW the Macty KEY FEATURES are disclosing all customer related questions.

Snap to Shop

We enable your users to show you what they want. A user snaps a picture, we process the image to identify all the relevant items and we match them to items in your store. Many searches with one click to get the full outfit!

  1. User uploads the images
  2. We identify shop-able items
  3. we match YOUR products with the products in the image


Learn Customer Preferences

The uploaded outfit is immediately recognized. No more fiddling with keywords and doing multiple searches.

bundle up - sell up

By bundling the entire outfit, you eliminate extra steps for adding items to the shopping cart. Now you can sell more!Learn customer preferences The uploaded outfit is immediately recognized. No more fiddling with keywords and doing multiple searches.

improved search

Customers want to find the items super fast, otherwise they leave. Capture exactly what they want in one simple upload.

Complete the look in Real Time

A little inspiration goes a long way. Inspire your customers on what to wear and how to combine pieces to create the perfect look.

Create the perfect look!

  1. User uploads the images
  2. we find products in Your store that work well.


Automatically recommend items to complete the look

We design algorithms that make fashionable recommendations for a complete look.


Items that complement each other and offer the consumer a full brand experience

Tweak & pick

Customisation creates ownership. Starting from an image, users can tweak the product they seek, modifying the attributes they wish. Help users get the perfect outfit by combining images and language in their search. You can now process complex queries with fine grained attributes.


Get your customers what they want

Allow them to search with images of what they have seen

Improve search

A search engine that lets your users express themselves like in real life dramatically improves the search experience.

Process complex queries

With fine-grained attributes users can search in a human-like fashion.